Age Proof Documents Accepted for Life Insurance

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Age proof documents plays a critical part in life insurance underwriting and thus proper documents stating the age of the applicant are required for the policy to be issued. Not all types of age proof documents are created equal. Certain age proof documents such as 10th / 12th passing certificate are considered ‘standard age proof’ certificates while some others such as PAN card are not and they are called ‘non-standard / substandard age proofs’

Why worry about them at all, because if you do present a standard age proof you may be denied certain kind of insurance policies. Other limitations include a cap in terms of insurance cover, higher premiums, restriction on entry age and fewer available riders. The application of the may vary from one insurer to another.

To help you remove the confusion when you apply for your life insurance here is the list of standard age proofs accepted by life insurers:

  • Birth certificate – in proper format and issued by a Panchayat or Municipal corporation
  • Passport, it is one of the strongest age proofs apart from the birth certificate
  • 10th passing out certificateage proof for life insurance
  • 12th passing out certificate
  • School leaving certificate with date of birth and other standard details mentioned in it.
  • Identity card issued by Govt., defense ministry, public companies and semi-government authorities
  • Age and Domicile certificate
  • Copy of baptism from the family bible (should have relevant details in it)
  • Original letter issued by public or private company officer with stamp and signature
  • Copy of service book with DOB mention on it

There are several non-standard / substandard age proof documents too. If you submit these, it will be on the underwriter to decide whether to go ahead and approve your policy and how much cover to provide. The list includes:

  • PAN card – most people consider it has a standard ‘age proof’ while it is not.
  • Driving license (the ones issued after 1-9-1996)
  • Voter ID card which has a date of birth on it. You will be surprised to know that several voter id card to not have them or just have year of birth.
  • Ration card (date of issues should be mentioned on it along with signature of relevant senior authority)
  • ID cards issued under employees state insurance scheme
  • Certified certificate of marriage in case of Muslims is also valid
  • Birth chart with Hindu horoscope
  • Declaration by self
  • Declaration by an elder person
  • Declaration by a well-known person
  • Service record where only year of birth is given
  • Certificate issued by village panchayat

Insurers generally ask applicants to fill annexure with more details in case non-standard age proofs are provided.

Please note within non-standard age proofs PAN and Driving License are considered to be better than other non-standard proofs and thus limitations (type of policies, age of entry, cover limits, riders, etc.) are fewer as compared to other non-standard age proofs.

While there are several other factors which play part in issuing a life insurance policy but providing standard age proof is one factor which is in our control. Other factors like medical condition, salary, etc. are generally out of control. Thus always provide standard age proofs while applying for an insurance policy.

The restriction on non-standard age proof does not apply if you are applying for a second life insurance policy.

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  • Stuti

    Adhaar card may use as a certificate of age proof?